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Co-pilot provides data-backed answers to all your decisioning queries in seconds. Simply ask!

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Build better quality credit portfolio with all insights that matter

Clear decisioning doubt

Access as many data-backed answers you need to make credit decisions for both small and large application values with absolute confidence.

Improve customer retention

Streamline your portfolio to more loyal, trustworthy customers that are valuable to your business, while sifting out bad applicants.

Mitigate credit risk

Unlock every obvious or overlooked detail on the financial capacity of an applicant to eliminate default chances.

Shorten underwriting time

Get instant answers to all your decisioning questions to reduce time spent evaluating a customer’s financial health.

Faster, more informed decisioning in 3 steps

Connect & analyse bank statement

Provide the bank statement via an upload or connect with our native/3rd party bank statement retrievers, and let Decide run the analysis.

Ask your questions

Query co-pilot in your natural language to uncover every insight needed for you to make the most accurate credit decisions.

Decide with confidence

Review Co-pilot’s responses, and conclude your decisioning more informed, and without any doubt.

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Common questions

How does the Decide Co-pilot feature work?

The feature uses advanced machine learning algorithms to interpret and understand the questions you ask. It then processes these questions to fetch relevant data and insights from the bank statements, providing you with accurate and contextually relevant responses.

Is there a limit to the number of questions I can ask?

There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask. You can ask as much as needed to gather all necessary insights for your underwriting process.

How accurate are the insights provided by Co-pilot?

Co-pilot is designed to provide highly accurate insights by leveraging advanced data processing techniques. However, the accuracy also depends on the quality and clarity of the bank statements provided. Regular updates and improvements are made to enhance precision and reliability.

How quickly can I get responses to my queries?

Co-pilot is designed to deliver responses in real-time or within a few seconds, depending on the complexity of the query and the size of the data being processed. This ensures a smooth and efficient workflow for underwriters.

Is there any training required to use the Decide Co-pilot feature?

No extensive training is required. Decide Co-pilot’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive.

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