Automate Everyday Back-office Banking Operations

Businesses of all sizes use our solutions for credit models, risk assessments, decision making loan origination, loan portfolio management, risk assessments, decision making, and so much more. Our credit infrastructure comes equipped with the features businesses need to offer credit to their customers.


Go digital to better mitigate risks, make accurate decisions on premiums, and drive profitability while deepening insurer-insured relationship.


Microfinance Banks

Build a profitable and sustainable bank by digitally funding local small business growth on our innovative customizable microcredit system.


Commercial Banks

Go digital to cut loan cycle times, lower cost, make secure risk assessments, and enhance the experience for your customers.



Extract financial value from bank accounts and accelerate customer onboarding while identifying risk using our credit decisioning infrastructure.



Digitally analyse the profiles of your customers to determine their creditworthiness before offering your service.


Our Lending-as-a service platform, all the features needed for digital lending

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Credit Modeling

Build accurate credit models based on your preferred data points