Lending automation with real impact on your loan portfolio

Originate handles every point of your loan origination, so you can lend, recover, and grow at the same time.

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Meet a fully digital process built for how you work

Experience loan origination that gives you complete control


Customer management

Effortlessly manage your customers and their applications –– edit loan amount, set moratorium period, and blacklist risky customers.


Product customisation

Customise Originate to suit your lending needs. Set loan rules, create custom forms, customise the branding to your taste, and add integrations with Webhooks.


Team management

Manage your team and improve their turnaround time. Assign tasks, define roles, set their permissions, and track progress with reports, all from your Originate dashboard.

Create a modern lending experience for you & your customers


No Learning Curve

Enjoy a smooth transition from your current process to a digital one that fits just the way you and your team work.


Increased Customer Loyalty and Happiness

With simple application forms and a shorter application turn-around time, Originate ensures that your customers are always satisfied.


Dedicated Support Team

Experience timely support from our CS Team committed to helping you get optimal value, with tailored onboarding and fast resolution.

Lower NPLs with Portfolio Growth

Get equipped with everything you need to make smarter decisions, reduce defaults, and drive up application numbers.

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Feature-packed, evidence-backed; hear directly from our customers.

Start transforming your loan origination process with Originate

It’s everything you need to lend with confidence, improve your customer experience, and scale your business. Let’s get you started.

Got Questions?
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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. For more answers regarding Originate, feel free to book a call with our experts.

Can Originate be integrated with a mobile application?

Yes, Originate can be integrated with a mobile application. We provide APIs and necessary documentation to assist with the mobile app integration process.

Is Originate’s review process automated or can it be manual?

Yes and yes. Originate is able to accommodate both an automated review process and a manual one depending on your business’ preference.

Can customers upload documents during an application in Originate?

Yes, customers can upload documents during an application. There are 3 ways this can happen:

  1. If it is configured as a requirement on the loan product.
  2. You can request if from your customer after the application is completed with our “request supporting document” feature on Originate.
  3. Your customers can send it to you to upload it on their behalf.
Does Originate accommodate BVN verification?

Yes, BVN verification is a core part of Originate’s application process, and the verification is mandated before a customer can commence an application.