About Us

Indicina is a venture-funded FinTech building the technology infrastructure that will power the next generation of consumer credit platforms and businesses. We genuinely believe that risk innovation can unlock the massive African consumer credit opportunity. Indicina was founded in September 2017. Our core products are Originate and Decide.

Our Mission: To accelerate economic inclusion for African Citizens

Indicina team

Indicina’s Culture Statement

Our people are at the center of our business, We are a people-centric team. We are committed to equipping our team to do their best work, through the provision of excellent tools and work environment for our distributed employee base. We not only offer perks but also provide a pathway to career development during their time with us.

We stay accountable with these core values


At Indicina, our prowess within the digital credit and banking is second to none. We aim to gather the most exceptional talent and train them accordingly to meet up to our elevated standards.


At Indicina, we have a natural affinity for credit and the power it has to unlock our economy and improve our everyday lives. We apply that in all our customer engagements in order to get strong feel for our customers' requirements so that we can meet them at their point of needs.


At Indicina, we pride ourselves on being highly creative individuals. We apply this creativity to all aspects of our solution delivery in order to provide the most optimum results.

Total Accountability

At Indicina, we hold our team accountable for achieving their Goals.

Can Do, Will Do Mindset

At Indicina, Can do, will do mindset is the single most important ingredient to achieve anything.


Our executive team comes with an established background in financial services and technology.

Indicina MD

Yvonne Johnson


Indicina CTO

Jacob Ayokunle


Indicina CDS

Carlos del Carpio


Indicina CFO

Yemi Ajao


Our Investors

Backed by investors that support the vision