Capture actionable insights for credit decisions in 1 minute

Explore ready-to-use credit decisioning models for safer and more accurate underwriting.

One analysis, the full story. All in less than 2 minutes

Take the guess work out of decisioning with a full picture of what your customers are spending on. Decide leverages Open Banking data and custom uploads for a quicker analysis of your customer's spend

Reduce human errors, save time, and grow your revenue

Decide’s in-depth analysis captures details that human eyes can miss helping you make safe decisions in little time

Stay steps ahead with over 64 data variables that keep you risk-free

Having the best Data Team means we’ve built in algorithms that can quickly detect loan habits, gambling, fraud, etc. of borrowers, hence keeping you risk-free

  • Transaction Pattern

    Identify transaction patterns in seconds and reduce time taken to make business decisions.

  • Cashflow Analysis

    With our detailed information of cashflow analysis, you can see how active the account and most frequent transactions.

  • Income Analysis

    We provide details about the income on the account. You can identify simple things as SalaryEarner, Gig worker, salary frequency, etc.

  • Spend Analysis

    Quick insight into what the customer is spending on. You get quick details on gambling, fraud, airtime, transfers, etc.

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