Indicina: Decide AI for Smarter Lending

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Indicina team

Hi there, I’m Damilola Aluede, VP Sales at Indicina. We’ve been hard at work these past few weeks, even while working from home.

I’m excited to tell you about the progress that Indicina has made as a company towards helping lenders unlock the power of Digital Lending using Artificial Intelligence. Today, we’re announcing Decide, a simple, robust, and easy-to-integrate API-enabled platform that provides insights you need to make better credit decisions in real-time. Decide provides a 360-degree view of a customer’s financial health data, from analysis of over 50 unique data points, to enable smarter and more inclusive lending decisions.

We learned about this opportunity from you.

Originate, our Lending-as-a-Service AI platform has seen significant growth over the past few years, helping our lending partners to efficiently manage risk, digitize customer loans and repayment, and make informed business decisions at scale. After speaking with a number of our partners, we discovered that many lenders required a more robust “decisioning” platform to support their existing processes by providing the rich information they need to make faster lending decisions.

This insight is what led us to build Decide — a new product offering in response to our lending partners’ needs. Let’s talk about how Decide works and why every lending institution needs Decide

Decide allows you to enhance your current credit decision process with the power of AI while maintaining complete control. Decide can help you configure your existing credit policy across several criteria (e.g., income analysis, spend pattern, sweep and cash flow analysis, and many more).

Decide minimizes manual efforts thus reducing operational costs. Reduces the TAT for the processing of loan applications thus minimizing drop-offs. Once an applicant meets your credit policy, that’s when the AI kicks in.

Indicina’s AI model predicts the probability of default for each applicant. This calculation uses Indicina’s modeling prowess, incorporating variables trained over a million banking statements. That’s more than 10 million data points leveraged to assess the financial health of each borrower.

Decide is a simple, secure REST API that integrates into your existing loan application process. Our goal at Indicina is to give you complete control over your credit decisions, even while bringing state-of-the-art AI to the forefront so you can grow your business, delight your customers, and manage risks associated with lending.

Let us know how we can help you make faster credit decisions

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