Introducing Decide Co-pilot — AI-Powered Analytics Assistant for Credit Providers

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One of the most significant challenges in credit decisioning is the reliance on limited and often generic data points for decisioning. Most decisioning engines offer a one-size-fits-all approach, which doesn’t cater to the unique needs of each business, making credit providers perform manual calculations to capture niche financial insights. This limitation can lead to less trust in decisioning outcomes while potentially risking lending decisions and the business’s success.

Decide currently offers up over 70 data points that are effective for decisioning. However, with the growing trends and demands in the market, there’s a need to advance technology to further match the uniqueness of the market.

With artificial Intelligence rapidly becoming a useful tool in the workplace that transforms business efficiency and drives scale, there’s an opportunity to leverage AI to tackle such challenges to improve business outcomes and set new standards for efficiency and reliability.

So, meet Decide Co-pilot! 🎉

Decide Co-pilot is your AI-powered credit analytics assistant that provides real-time, in-depth insights into bank statements. This feature allows you to capture every generic and unique decisioning data point that matters to your business within minutes, so you never have to do manual calculations again. And all you have to do is just ask!

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Why Decide Co-pilot

  1. Access unlimited credit decisioning insights
    With Co-pilot, you can say goodbye to manual calculations. Co-pilot provides unlimited insights, ensuring you have all the data and insights you need to make the most accurate credit decisions. This not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of your credit decisions.
  2. Experience more confident decision-making
    Making confident credit decisions is crucial for both large and small credit applications. Co-pilot empowers you to make confident credit decisions, regardless of the application value by providing all the insights needed to assess creditworthiness accurately and efficiently.
  3. Reduce underwriting time and effort
    Co-pilot significantly cuts down the time and effort required for underwriting. By providing quick responses to all your decisioning queries, Co-pilot streamlines the entire process, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business.
  4. Get more in-depth analysis
    With Co-pilot, you can dig deeper into your analysis, helping you identify and retain the highest quality applicants. This deeper level of insight ensures that you can make informed decisions that benefit your business in the long run.

The future of credit decisioning is comprehensive, real-time data tailored to the specific needs of every credit business, and with Co-pilot, businesses can now experience this.

Getting started with Co-pilot

Co-pilot makes it possible for businesses to truly experience, improved accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction all at once, and you can be one of the first to get this experience. Join the waitlist to get started and stay ahead in the credit space.

Got questions? Check out our FAQs for answers.

Welcome to the future of decisioning with unlimited insights! 🎉

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