Meet the Spool Feature — Decide’s Native Customer Data Retriever

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Indicina team

Enabling merchants embrace alternative data for credit decisioning as opposed to the traditional data they are used to, has proven highly effective in reducing defaults and hastening the decisioning process.

In using Decide to keep up this momentum, we have discovered that there are still several redundant tasks slowing down the progress of merchants.

For instance, there are those merchants that obtain bank statements through the tedious process of waiting for the applicant to get a copy from the bank, scan, and send to them. Then, there are the merchants that use a 3rd party service like MBS, have to retrieve a JSON format, then upload it on Decide to execute an analysis.

Although, these examples are on separate levels, both flows are extremely time-consuming and tedious for merchants.

Hence, our latest update to Decide which will help merchants improve this process.

Introducing the Spool feature.

Spool is a customisable customer-facing widget designed to retrieve and analyse a customer’s data through an uploaddirect bank connection powered by Indicina & MBS, and telco connection.


With spool, every merchant is able to request bank statements from their customers with a link to their customised widget. This widget can be used anywhere, at any time as it can be embedded on a website, application, or shared as a standalone link for fetching bank statements.

This feature aims to reduce the redundant tasks in credit decisioning by helping credit providers to streamline the process of accessing alternative data and analysing the data in a single instance.

Use Cases

The spool feature solves for several use cases:

  1. Customers that have difficulty retrieving PDF copies of bank statements from their customers
  2. Customers that want to leverage bank data directly
  3. Customers that want to leverage telco data for decisioning
  4. Customers that want to retrieve and analyse a bank statement in the same instance

With the spool feature, the only action merchants need to take is to review the analysed statement after the necessary action(s) has been taken by the applicant. Unlike previously where merchants would upload the statement to be analysed.

Benefits to Merchants

With the Spool feature, merchants are now able to:

  1. Further cut down time spent on the credit decisioning process.
  2. Eliminate more of the repetitive tasks required for assessing an applicant’s financial capacity.
  3. Improve customer satisfaction with a simpler process for sharing their bank statements via the upload or bank connection.

To get started with Spool, login to your Decide account, or create one.

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