Meet the Spool Feature — Decide’s Native Customer Data Retriever

Indicina team

Enabling merchants embrace alternative data for credit decisioning as opposed to the traditional data they are used to, has proven highly effective in reducing defaults and hastening the decisioning process. In using Decide to keep up this momentum, we have discovered that there are still several redundant tasks slowing down the progress of merchants. For […]

Introducing the Decide 🤝 MBS Integration


As a credit infrastructure provider, it is our job to pay attention to market best practices, the market preference, and the most effective way for credit providers to achieve their top goal — approve applications without defaults. With this in mind, we are excited to share that we have integrated mybankStatement (MBS) into the Decide […]

We’re excited to announce our $3 Million Seed funding

Article 9

A message from our CEO’s desk Indicina is one of the pioneers of products designed to enable lenders unlock economic inclusion for African businesses and consumers. Almost three years later, and we are continuing our mission to deliver on this promise as we’ve become a leading provider of ML-driven financial analytics. We’ve also tripled our customer […]